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Sales Trainer – Pharmaceuticals (Ref: 104)

Gauteng, Johannesburg
6 days ago
Application ends: July 13, 2024
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July 13, 2024

Job Description

The Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Trainer based in Johannesburg will be responsible for developing, implementing, and delivering training programs for medical/pharmaceutical sales representatives. The trainer will ensure that sales representatives have a thorough understanding of the products they will detail to healthcare professionals, including features, benefits, and clinical data. The trainer will also equip the representatives with effective sales techniques, product knowledge, and regulatory compliance standards to maximize product awareness and achieve sales objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and implement comprehensive training programs for new and existing medical/pharmaceutical sales representatives, focusing on product knowledge, detailing strategies, and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Conduct in-person and virtual training sessions, workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills and knowledge of sales representatives.
  • Develop training materials, including manuals, e-learning modules, and case studies, to support learning objectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and make adjustments as necessary to improve training outcomes and meet sales goals.
  • Stay updated on new product developments, industry trends, and regulatory changes to ensure training content is current and relevant.
  • Collaborate with product managers, marketing teams, and regulatory affairs to gather accurate product information and training needs.
  • Monitor and assess the performance of sales representatives, providing feedback and additional coaching as needed.
  • Facilitate role-playing scenarios and simulations to practice detailing techniques and handling objections from healthcare professionals.
  • Manage the logistics of training sessions, including scheduling, venue selection, and technology setup.
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning and professional development within the sales team.


Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences or medical related field. Advanced degree preferred.


  • 3+ years of experience in sales training, preferably within the pharmaceutical, biotech, or healthcare industry.
  • Strong understanding of pharmaceutical products, medical terminology, and the healthcare environment.
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills, with the ability to engage and motivate adult learners.
  • Proficient in developing training materials and utilizing various training methodologies.
  • Knowledge of regulatory and compliance standards affecting pharmaceutical sales.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to travel as needed to conduct training sessions and attend conferences.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Please apply with detailed and updated CV.