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Helen Joseph Hospital
2 weeks ago
Application ends: August 21, 2024
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Deadline date:
August 21, 2024

Job Description

Criteria Questions
Do you have Basic qualification accredited with SANC in terms of Government Notice 425 (Diploma/degree in nursing) or equivalent qualification with SANC as a professional Nurse?
Do you have a minimum of 8 years appropriate/ recognizable experience in nursing after registration as Professional Nurse with SANC in General Nursing?
Are you registered with SANC as professional Nurse?

Duties :

  • To supervise patient care and develop long-term plans for professional development of the health team. To establish and maintain nursing standards and enforcing them on the team, to make sure that all staff implement best practices when interacting with patients and tracking their treatment in the outpatient setting. Supervise the volume of patients and delegate tasks to team members so they can efficiently process the flow of patients through intake, care and discharge in all clinics. Seek out training and growth opportunities, give consistent feedback to the team. Responsible for managing human resources; Ensuring patient and staff satisfaction; Maintaining a safe environment for staff, patients, and relatives; Ensuring standards and quality of care are maintained in a Aligning the unit’s goals with the hospital’s strategic goals. Excel in communication to ensure clear and accurate information flow within the team to help avoid preventable medical errors, reduce nurse turnover and improve the morale of the Nursing Department. Strong attention to detail. Extensive clinical skills for different clinics in the institution. Ensuring that staff assist with patient assessments, administer medications, handle wound care, educate patients, and ensure the smooth functioning of all clinics. Assist staff with patient triaging, appointment scheduling, and coordination with other healthcare professionals. Ensuring that waiting times processes are maintained and recorded. Strong leadership abilities, and a commitment to supporting and developing nursing staff. Organizational, decision making and problem-solving abilities within the limit of the public sector and institutional policy framework. Financial and budgetary knowledge pertaining to the relevant resource under management. Personal: Responsiveness, Pro-activeness, Professionalism, Accuracy, Flexibility, Initiative, Co-operations, Team player, Supportive, Assertive. Ethical standards are a requisite and upholding the organizational culture. Initiate and participate in health promotion to ensure consistent communication of relevant accurate information on health care Develop/ establish and maintain constructive working relationships with nursing and other stakeholders (inter-professional, inter-sectorial and multi-disciplinary teamwork). Participate in the analysis, formulation and implementation of nursing guidelines, practices, standards and procedures. Monitor and ensure proper utilization of financial and physical resources. Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team at outpatient level. Work effectively and amicably, at a supervisory level, with persons of diverse intellectual, cultural, racial or religious differences. Monitor the compliance, effectiveness and side effects of medication and advocate for patients in cases of ineffective treatments. Ensure the continuity of patient care is maintained through nursing care rounds and hand over rounds. Ensure adequate record keeping is maintained. Provide support, counseling and crisis interventions when needed. Able to manage own work. Display a concern for patients and relatives promoting, advocating and facilitating proper team. Able to develop contacts, build and maintain a network of professional relations in order to enhance service delivery. Manage the department efficiently and cost effectively. Ability to deal with conflicts and knowledge of DoH policies. Ensure and have knowledge Ideal Hospital Realization Standards. Manage PMDS of subordinates. Management of complaints.

Notes :

  • Helen Joseph Hospital is committed to the pursuit of diversity, redress and will promote representation in terms of race, disability and gender. The Institutional Employment Equity Plan will be considered in the process of filling the posts.
    Applications must be submitted on a New Version of Z83 Form, obtainable from any Public Service Department or on The completed and signed form should be accompanied by a recently updated cv. Copies need not be certified when applying for this post. The communication from HR department regarding the requirements for certified documents will be limited to shortlisted candidates. Therefore, only shortlisted candidates for the post will be required to submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview following communication from HR. Successful candidates will be subjected to OHS medical surveillance as required by HBA regulations within the OHS Act 85 of 1993, reference check and verification of qualifications will be conducted.
    Applications must be submitted at Helen Joseph Hospital, No. 1 Perth Road Auckland Park, Johannesburg. (There is an application box at hospital entrance – ask Security Officers on duty for assistance). Alternatively, applications can be posted to Helen Joseph Hospital Private Bag X 47, Auckland Park, 2006; Attention: Human resources department. Please take note that online applications will not be considered due to technical challenges that the institution has been experiencing. PLEASE NOTE: The Public Service does not charge any fees for applying for posts. Should you be asked for a fee, please let the authorities know.

  • Enquiries :
    MR M MAYEKISO TEL: 011 489-0897/8