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Assistant Manager: Financial Audit With IT Audit Skills

Sandton, ZA
2 weeks ago
Application ends: August 21, 2024
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August 21, 2024

Job Description

Primary Purpose

Under general direction, independently perform complex audits with responsibility for planning, performance, documentation and elements of reporting. Position may provide functional advice or training to less experienced audit positions. Ensures that audits are conducted in accordance with professional and laid down standards. May supervise junior Internal Auditors. Manages audit relationships with line management in regard to audit performance and determination of remedial action. Ensures that audits are conducted in accordance with professional and laid down standards. Has a good working knowledge of IT Audits and has a keen interest in data analytics and willing to expand data analytics knowledge and skills.

Minimum Requirements


  • Qualifications BCom (Honours) or equivalent


  • 2 – 3 years related post qualifying experience


  • Customer Orientation.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Business acumen.
  • Organisational alertness.
  • Building Relationships.
  • Teamwork.
  • Initiative.
  • Energy and Drive.
  • Independence.
  • Conscientiousness.
  • Personal Development.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the Bank.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding banking and business environment.
  • Reviewing audit working papers and files for quality and factual accuracy.
  • Reviewing audit reports for technical correctness i.e. grammar etc.
  • Strong computer literacy and an interest in using IT in audits.
  • IT auditing experience.
  • Business and system controls and process documentation.
  • Strong affinity for Data Analytics and Data Analytics tools.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and experience



  • CIA
  • CA(SA)


  • 2 – 5 years related post qualifying experience.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Complete audit assignments within allocated time frames.
  • Monitor and manage own time keeping (for each engagement and for the year) in line with board-approved budget.
  • Monitor and manage direct report time (for each engagement and for the year) keeping in line with board-approved budget.


Service Excellence

  • Assist with managing and executing Audit Committee approved Internal Audit plan.
  • Improve Internal Audit efficiency by (1) increasing the number of audits completed for the year; (2) reduce audit budgets per engagement; (3) reduce the timeline between performing the audit and issuing the audit report.
  • Assist to implement and drive the new Internal Audit strategy to automate and centralise.
  • Contribute ideas and improvements to existing audits and to roll out our new audit strategy to centralise and automate.
  • Innovate current audit procedures with the use of technology and data analytics. Data analytics to be incorporated into every audit.
  • Obtaining a detailed understanding and knowledge of the areas being audited as part of planning activities and drive it as part of our planning process that all team members adopt this approach.
  • Deliver quality services (consultation and value-add audits) to stakeholders.
  • Provide timely solutions/feedback through interpretation of the business requirements of stakeholders.
  • Increase turnaround time (reaction time) to stakeholder requests and provide support and assistance to stakeholders by going the extra mile.
  • Increase volume of work delivered and number of ad-hoc requests delivered on.
  • Develop effective working relationships with all stakeholders. Enhance the effectiveness and credibility of Internal Audit by explaining Management’s roles and responsibilities to prevent and detect fraud.
  • Monitor progress of audits, coach staff members on a continuous basis.
  • Execute Internal Audit methodology and ensure compliance of team members to the methodology.
  • Be involved with the audit process throughout and monitor audit quality in planning, execution and reporting.
  • Ensure all work is documented in quality audit files.
  • Perform audit work and review working papers, report and files in a timely manner before reports are issued.
  • Provide all stakeholders with regular feedback on the progress of assignments and audit findings.
  • Provide all stakeholders with regular feedback on the progress of assignments and audit.


  • Support Managers, Senior Managers and Head of Internal Audit to manage the team.
  • Actively lead the team members to deliver quality and on-time audits and audit reports.
  • Actively contribute to teamwork within the department.
  • Forge and maintain quality interpersonal relationships.
  • Take accountability for the achievement of operational objectives within own area of control.
  • Support and drive the core values of the organization and department.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and drive.
  • Respond openly to feedback.
  • Promote harmony and teamwork.
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge.
  • Display willingness to help others and to be helped by others.
  • Actively develop and coach team members.


Risk Assessment

  • Identify inherent risks that are relevant to the process under review and ensure that appropriate risks have been identified by team members that are relevant to the process under review.
  • Perform adequate analytical risk assessment procedures to identify risks.
  • Translate defined inherent risks into a documented format.
  • Assess/evaluate defined risks in terms of potential impact and likelihood, for the purpose of designing an appropriate audit response (searching for appropriate key controls and developing appropriate control tests).
  • Perform and/or review adequate analytical risk assessment procedures to identify risks.

Key Controls

  • Ensure that the appropriate key controls have been identified to address the inherent risks for the processes under review.
  • Conceptualise and/or assist to identify expected control activities that will address the identified inherent risks for the process under review.
  • Identify and document key controls based on (i) the understanding of the process under review, and (ii) the risk assessment.
  • Identify control gaps, i.e. where expected control activities or equivalents thereof cannot be matched to the actual controls that were identified and documented.
  • Interpret key controls in terms their properties, i.e. objective, frequency, response, and automation.

Audit Files

  • Open or ensure audit files are opened for each engagement in a timely manner.
  • Plan or ensure that all audits are appropriately planned prior to kick off.
  • Update or ensure that the audit files are updated by team members through-out the engagement.
  • Document and review the audit working papers and file on a continuous basis
  • Ensure that the audit file is reviewed before the audit report is prepared.

Audit Reports

  • Prepare and/or review audit reports in a timely manner.
  • Provide clear and factually correct observation statements including a detailed root-cause analysis that make business sense. All observations are supported by appropriate (valid and sufficient) audit evidence.
  • All observations are supported by appropriate (valid and sufficient) audit evidence.
  • Appropriate assessment of the exposure/risk as a result of the errors/break-downs reported upon under the observation statement.



  • Attend training to maintain CPD for qualification.
  • Actively coach, train and empower team members to create an understanding of skills and specialties.
  • Promote training and development of yourself by attending personal development and job skills development training.
  • Promote training and development of team members by motivating and assisting team members to attending personal development and job skills development training.

This position is advertised in line with our commitment to Employment Equity.