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Job Titlet Recruitment RoomASSOCIATE LECTURER.3.01
Locationt Recruitment RoomJohannesburg,ZA
Organization Namet Recruitment RoomFamily Medicine
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Academic Tutors

Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care

School of Clinical Medicine


The Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care invites applications for the position of Academic Tutor with a focus on tutoring and offering writing support within the Health Systems Sciences 1 course.  This unique academic internship opportunity provides aspiring educators hands-on experience in tutoring, facilitating of writing skills, and promoting critical thinking.


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•                     Facilitate student writing by providing structured feedback on short writing tasks, online discussion forums, and essay submissions.

•                     Work closely with course coordinators and lecturers to tutor on select course content.

•                     Facilitate in-person tutorial sessions

•                     Assist in marking assignments and portfolios.

•                     Conduct consultation sessions to provide further feedback to students who make appointments.

•                     Collaborate with lecturers to gain insights into teaching methodologies and course development.

•                     Assist with some research




•                     Completed undergraduate degree in health sciences, or related/relevant humanities or social science disciplines, as relevant to one or more of the three courses

•                     Demonstrated writing proficiency in different genres of writing

•                     Enrolment for a postgraduate degree at the University of the Witwatersrand



•                     Postgraduate degree

•                     Training in bioethics and/or health law will be advantageous.

•                     Explicit interest in the training and development of health science students in the intersecting competencies related to health, medicine and society.

•                     Previous tutoring/teaching responsibilities will be an advantage.


Key Information:


Internship Duration: July – November 2024

Time commitment: up to 23 hours per month

Renumeration: Commensurate with the university rate for Academic Tutors


Academic tutor will tutor select course content, as directed and supervised by the relevant course coordinator and/or lecturers. Weekly discussions between the lecturer and tutor provide vital information about student learning and give the tutor insight into how the lecturer designs and develops their teaching.


In part, this course is considered a Writing Intensive (WI) course, revolving around problem-solving through writing. The tutor role also incorporates that of a typical Writing Fellow, whose principal task is to facilitate good quality student writing, in delivering on learning tasks designed by the lecturer. Tutors coach students to think further, reflect, and revise key concepts related to their writing.


The course aims to promote critical thinking, engagement, and effective writing within the disciplines of health systems science, public health, community health, psychology, sociology, medical history, ethics and health law, amongst others. These courses require a particular interest, qualification and experience in one or more of these field, to enable clear feedback and sufficient individual attention provided to students, where possible.


This role offers excellent teaching experience, a chance to learn how lecturers develop their thinking as they teach, and job satisfaction as you help students learn to learn within the discipline. It is also a useful addition to your CV. Tutors are key facilitators of student learning; providing critical support at the outset of their tertiary education. Orientation session and short training on writing intensive approaches and/or online facilitation will be provided. 

 Enquiries only: Dr Camira Pillay,

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To apply, submit a letter of motivation – clearly indicating which position you are applying for, detailed CV and the names and contact details of three referees (incl. e-mail addresses). Short-listed candidates will have 48 hours to complete a writing assessment task.

This academic tutorship/internship offers a valuable opportunity for individuals passionate about education, writing, and health sciences to contribute to the development of students in these evolving academic disciplines. Join us in shaping the future of new medical students and promoting effective communication and critical thinking skills within the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Closing date :12 July 2024

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