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Affiliate Partner Manager

2 weeks ago
Application ends: August 21, 2024
Deadline date:
August 21, 2024

Job Description

Affiliate Partner Manager

Job level:Mid/Senior
Company:Ad Talent Africa

Who are we: A leading group of companies in the digital marketing industry. 

Who are we looking for:

A strategic and dynamic affiliate partner manager to enhance our business development team. The ideal candidate is a proactive, goal-oriented individual who thrives on creating opportunities and expanding professional networks. 

  • A proactive go-getter who is always on the lookout for new opportunities.
  • An extroverted individual who relishes social interaction and can effortlessly connect with people at all levels.
  • A seasoned professional capable of engaging with senior management and representing our company with poise and proficiency.
  • Someone with a solid understanding of the digital media landscape and a drive to stay ahead in a fast-evolving industry.

What will you do:

  • Network growth: identify and onboard new affiliate partners, with a goal of boosting revenue and achieving the company’s gross profit targets.
  • Relationship building: maintain strong, ongoing relationships with all affiliates, ensuring a steady stream of new leads to the company.
  • Sales integration: deeply understand the company’s offerings, articulate their value to prospective clients, and integrate services into affiliate strategies to achieve objectives.
  • Performance goals: consistently meet or exceed both individual and company targets as defined by management.
  • Client acquisition: skillfully mine referrals, prepare compelling proposals, and onboard clients, adhering to the company’s standards and value thresholds.
  • Onboarding excellence: manage affiliate onboarding processes diligently, including agreement facilitation and workflow establishment.
  • Collaborative efforts: maintain productive relationships with account management and operations teams to ensure seamless partnership management.
  • Compliance and enforcement: uphold all partnership agreement terms, ensuring all commissions are predicated on proper agreements.
  • Innovation and attraction: develop and implement creative strategies to attract the right partners to the company.
  • Continuous improvement: commit to ongoing self-education in current technologies and trends, keeping all relevant certifications up to date.
  • Team involvement: participate in company team-building events to foster strong inter-departmental relationships.
  • Lead management: ensure timely and professional communication with leads, adhering to the company’s high standards for client engagement.
  • Reporting: provide comprehensive weekly reports to the head of business development, detailing performance metrics and insights.
  • Time management: track and manage your time efficiently using the company’s designated software, complying with reporting policies.





Posted on 05 Jul 12:28, Closing date 4 Aug