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Senior Front-End Developer

Pretoria, Gauteng
3 weeks ago
Application ends: July 25, 2024
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Deadline date:
July 25, 2024

Job Description

Senior Front-End Developer

Africa’s leading recruitment software company is seeking a dynamic and high-vibration individual to join their team as a Senior Front-End developer.

Job Purpose
As the senior front-end developer you will be responsible for implementing new features and maintaining the frontend of the existing Wamly application using React.JS.

Minimum education (essential):
● Information Technology degree, Computer
Science Degree or equivalent

Minimum education (desirable):
● None

Minimum applicable experience (years):
● 5+ years of frontend development experience in a
work environment.

Required nature of experience:
● Experience with React.js and state management
● Experience with common front-end development
tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
● Experience with Git version control.
● Mentorship
● Agency / Product / Corporate Environment

Skills and Knowledge (essential):
● HTML 5
● CSS 3
● Javascript
● React.js
● React router
● React Query
● Responsive UI design
● Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such
as JSON Web Token.
● State management frameworks such as Redux, React
context and MobX.
● UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI, etc.
● Frontend development tools such as Babel, Webpack,
NPM, yarn, etc.
● Git Version control

Skills and Knowledge (desirable):
● Cloud technologies (AWS preferable)
● Agile development including Kanban and Scrum

Characteristics and Values:
Radically Honest:
● We value honest feedback.
● We give feedback directly to the relevant person.
● We see vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness.
Growth focused:
● We challenge the status quo to do better.
● We continuously seek to improve.

Impact Driven:
● We always deliver work of high quality.
● We do the right thing, even if it is difficult.
● We use data and intuition when we make decisions.
● When we say it, we own it, we do it.

Contagiously Enthusiastic:
● We are excited about the work we get to do.
● We embrace change with passion.
● We positively contribute to the Wamly vibe.

Intentionally Caring:
● We care deeply about our customers.
● We value and support each other.
● We celebrate together