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Tech Impact Creator

Bangalore, India
2 weeks ago
Application ends: July 24, 2024
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July 24, 2024

Job Description

Are you looking to make a difference in the world through technology? Do you have a passion for innovation and a desire to drive change in your community? If so, Seedstars Academy is the perfect place for you.

About Seedstars Academy

As a Tech Impact Creator, you will have the opportunity to reconvert professionally and develop your tech skills, soft skills, and entrepreneurial mindset. Our intensive and demanding program is designed to propel your career and equip you with the skills you need to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Through our transformative pedagogy, peer-to-peer learning, challenge-based curriculum, and access to a global network of peers, mentors, and investors, you will learn how to bring tech-enabled solutions to life, solve real-life problems, and grow your customer base in a digital world.

As a part of our program, you will learn from the best, work on cutting-edge projects, and earn certifications from Seedstars, 01edu, and micro-accreditations from global Ivy League institutions. Our industry-relevant curriculum is updated in real-time to keep pace with the latest technology advancements.

If you are ready to kickstart your career and make a meaningful impact on the world, we encourage you to apply to Seedstars Academy today.


  • Passion for technology and entrepreneurship
  • Desire to learn and grow in a challenging and intensive program
  • Strong communication, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively 
  • No prior coding experience required
  • Desire to make an impact in the world

To learn more and apply, please visit our website today.